I'm Blake, the creator of the Stray Aliens Universe! Since March of 2021, I have worked with my friends and family to release NFT collectibles that intertwine the crypto world with reality. The original Stray Aliens may have been the 1st original Alien-themed collection on-chain. As we step outside of 1-of-1 territory with this project for a new chapter of Stray Aliens, we are setting our sights higher than ever, creating a project we have been eager to make a reality for years, & chasing dreams along the way We're in it for the community, expression, sustainability, & to drive positive changes I have been creating & giving back for as long as I can remember. Everything from drawings (more like doodles), shirts, homemade candles, polished dino bones, poetry/writing, songwriting/digital music, video editing, & now NFT pixel art & digital art. For the last 13 years, I have helped run an annual secret Santa that I started for 100+ local kids & I love social causes! I try to find a way to make a positive impact with everything I do, & this project will be no different. I have a history in the tourism industry & have always been passionate about breaking ground on a hospitality offering of my own. This project will hopefully help make that dream a reality, & I will work tirelessly to reward & include the collectors who help get us there in any way I can. I hope you will join us as we venture into deep space to build a liveable Habitat, and work hard to bring one to life on Earth! We are thrilled w/ the friendships forming & the chance to share our creativity & our dreams with a community built from the ground up. We are forever grateful that the NFT community exists to share this journey with! To infinity, & beyond!

Thank you to ProducerEski.eth for guidance on setting up an independent contract. To CryptoStacys/Hunnys for providing information, inspiration, & support that will help make our airdrops possible. And to all of the amazing NFT community members who have believed in my work, especially my OG collectors. A Special Thank you to Tim Carambat, a friend & the founder of Rampp.xyz. Use Rampp to deploy & own your own smart contract on ETH or Polygon.