The roadmap for Stray Aliens Space Habitat. An NFT Project featuring 10,000 Humanoids & Aliens from across the universe who have accepted randomly assigned missions on a distant planet. NFT rewards & real-world utility for holders.

10,000 brave Volunteers from across the Universe are coming together to build & operate a habitat on a distant planet. 6,000 Humanoids & 4,000 Aliens will work their randomly assigned missions while aiming to build a sustainable community in space. Collect for fun, our rewards & perks are inconsistent & unestablished at this time. We always have our believers in mind!

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Each Volunteer consists of 10 layers of varying rarity, including 1 of 26 missions on the Habitat. Visit our Discord for a better look & more info about the art.

Examples of Volunteers on Stray Aliens Space Habitat. An NFT collection of 10,000 brave souls who have accepted random missions on a distant planet. Real world perks & missions, plus NFT rewards for collectors.

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Enjoy this Habitat playlist featuring our favorite NFT Music Artists & NFT tracks collected by our team. (Browser only)

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