• Airdrops from Stray NFT Spotlight- A collection of various artwork curated from human beings of Earth for Volunteers of the Habitat. Our 1st airdrop is already live for new collectors.

  • Stargazing Coin NFT Rewards System

  • Automatic entry to ETH Giveaways. (Separate Giveaway for OG collection holders)

  • Free space treats from the habitat

  • Voting rights on charity donations & input on community goals & Spotlight curating

  • Achievement NFTs for each Volunteer for every completed Community Goal & assigned Mission

  • 20% Discounts on Habitat-branded handmade goods & merchandise. Our 1st product line is now available. Collectors also have front-of-line access to goods & services.

  • Access to free accommodations at a real-world stargazing dome retreat - & a special Achievement NFT for visiting

  • Entry to win an all-expenses-paid trip for 2 as the 1st collector to visit the Habitat

'What Else Is On' - Sam Heydt, Barcelona, Spain (A Spotlight Airdrop Submission)



  • Open a real-world Stray Aliens Space Habitat with free overnight stargazing dome accommodations for holders & an NFT booking system
  • Open a real-world & online shop with handmade goods, custom/branded merch, & Habitat souvenirs.

  • Plant half a million trees & provide opportunities to the underprivileged through Trees For The Future

  • Secondary:

  • Two $5,000 charity donations voted on by the community

  • 250+ artwork pieces added to Stray NFTs Spotlight collection for collector airdrops

  • Our team is fully committed to accomplishing the following community goals. Collectors will be included & rewarded for helping us achieve some of our biggest dreams.

Our team is fully committed & prepared to provide the perks mentioned & acheiving our project goals. We are excited to share the journey with our Habitat community. Follow along & be part of the journey on Discord.