Stargazing Coin is an NFT Token By Stray Aliens Space Habitat. Holders of Stargazing Coin are automatically entered to win various rewards through drawings as the SASH collection journey plays out. SASH Holders & active community members can earn the Coin through various means to increase their odds of winning.

Minting Stargazing Coin

50 Max. Default Settings Recommended

Supporters can participate in Stargazing Coin activities or increase their odds of winning as Volunteer holders by minting Stargazing Coins on Polygon gas-free. All income from the Coins will serve as additional contributions to our NFT crowdfunding roadmap. Non-MATIC users can purchase Stargazing Coins on Opensea Polygon or by directly contacting @StrayAliens

Earn: -Collect/Hold SASH NFTS -Refer Friends to SASH (Verify on Discord or Twitter) -Community Participation (Details on socials as they are revealed) Rewards: -Monthly Volunteer Giveaway (24 Months starting in April) -Merch Prototype Earthdrops -Spotlight Airdrops (5-10 reserved from each airdrop) -& More

Our team is fully committed & prepared to provide the perks mentioned & acheiving our project goals. We are excited to share the journey with our Habitat community. Follow along & be part of the journey on Discord. All Stargazing Coin earning promotions are while supplies last.